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Terms of Service


Payment in full is due upon delivery of final edited photographs.

Copyrights and License

Photographer retains the copyright and full rights to all photographs, slideshows, and videos.

Upon payment in full the listing agents is granted to a license to use the photographs, slideshows, and/or videos for the following purposes:

  • Marketing the real estate listing.  These rights are not transferrable and terminate when the listing is canceled, expires, or the property is sold.

  • Marketing the listing agents business (ex. future listing appointments).

Photographs, Slideshows, and Video archive schedule:

  • Edited photographs - 1 year.

  • Original unedited photographs - 3 months

  • Slideshows and videos - 6 months

Additional fees:

  • $100 return visit fee due to weather or re-staging.

  • $75 Cancellation fee if less than 24 hour notice.

  • Call or e-mail for prices outside of Portland area.

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